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A Tarot lover clicks on one of your links and buys on a Camoin network shop.

You receive a commission

You earn between 14% and 22% commission depending on the type of product on each sale.

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Our team helps you put the ads or ads in place on your website or blog.

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You can communicate live through a chat dedicated to affiliates. You are informed of new products and promotions.

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A commission based on the category of products



The commission on tarot cards is 14%



The commission on ebooks is 22%



The commission on books is 14%

Coins exist in the Tarot

In the Minor Arcana there are 14 cards filled with Deniers. And Abundance is also present in the Major Arcana. The Tarot teaches us that money is part of life.

The Tarot is based on sharing

The Tarot teaches to share. If you are a Tarot Lover and enjoy our work, help us spread it.

Everybody is happy

The Tarot is also based on the Brotherhood. You help us spread it and everyone is happy.

Everyone wins

Everyone is happy and everyone is winning.