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1 - Una codificación desconocida

by Philippe Camoin

Revelations and Teachings on the Tarot de Marseille

Innovative and surprising revelations

Philippe Camoin, internationally recognized reference on the Tarot of Marseille, after many years of waiting for all those who had the opportunity to know him, finally reveals in this fascinating book its secrets on the Tarot. Heir to the line of Conver-Camoin masters from Marseilles, dating back to 1760, Philippe Camoin channel here a first part of the incredible amount of knowledge of his 40 years of investigation on the Tarot of Marseille.

The Tarot Secrets Codes make it possible to understand the meaning of the Arcana by oneself. Links uniting all the Arcana between them give a new vision of the Tarot, totally unknown, showing the existence of Laws and Codes in the Tarot of Marseille.
These Secret Codes reveal a mysterious symbolism, but also the esoteric teaching of the Ancients, as well as the origin and the dating of the Tarot of Marseilles. All these Codes bring a complete Teaching on the Tarot, correcting the errors of the traditional teaching. They provide a new understanding of Arcana and add hundreds of new interpretations.

This book is the first book of a trilogy containing fascinating revelations and the teaching that Philippe Camoin has promulgated during the hundreds of courses given in several countries: "The Tarot Secret Codes". His thousands of students show his approach and his totally surprising vision on the Tarot of Marseille, showing how the Tarot uses a subtle language to communicate with us. You will discover this Secret Language, as well as Grammar and the Laws that govern this language. The study of the Tarot always leads to a door that must be crossed: interpretation. Deciding to highlight this codified language, Philippe Camoin has created a revolutionary method of reading the Tarot to understand and interpret these codes. A new consciousness appears and a new vision puts our soul in relation with the Tarot.

The Book

The Tarot Secret Codes are the key to decipher the subtle and coded language of the Tarot, opening the door to an esoteric world, where his teachings are open to all. Philippe Camoin, during more than 40 years of research on the Tarot, has discovered not only his secrets, but also the way the Tarot can communicate through a system of codes previously unknown. Philippe Camoin will show you, with his Method of Teaching, his Laws and Codes, how to cross this door. A door that opens to a symbolic and magical world. By comparing the Arcana, a new symbolism appears, bringing the knowledge of a fascinating language. The Tarot de Marseille then becomes a totality filled with an esoteric and spiritual symbolism, a coherent system where the codes come to be confirmed between them, bringing a certainty. It will no longer be possible to look at the Tarot as before. It is a first part of these codes that Philippe Camoin transmits in this volume. At the end of this book, a separate chapter presents the Camoin Method of Practical Reading of the Tarot, with many examples so that you can start from the beginning to live the mysterious language of the Tarot de Marseille.

The Camoin Method of Teaching by Philippe Camoin

The Codes, the Laws and the Camoin Diagram 3 x 7

The Tarot is a spiritual path. But to follow this path and decode it, you have to start by arranging it in a certain way. It is by placing the 22 major Arcana in 3 rows of 7 cards each that Philippe Camoin has chosen to explain the system of Secret Codes existing in the Tarot. In the middle of this Coded Structure, a set of codes has been placed in the Origin so that the true meaning of the Tarot is never lost and can be found after centuries and centuries of oblivion. The logic of the Secret Codes provides the assurance of certain meanings of the Arcana of the Tarot, demonstrated by means of a system of Laws. A lexicon and a grammar appear, highlighting the unknown language of the Tarot. For people who have studied the Tarot for years, these codes will be a revelation and answer to what they have been looking for all their life in the Tarot.

The Camoin Method of Tarot Reading

In order to highlight and translate the subtle language induced by the Tarot Secrets, Philippe Camoin has created an innovative teaching system and a revolutionary reading method, the Tarot Reading Camoin Method, which is used by its thousands of students around the world. The complex language of the Tarot is transformed and a new vision, on how to make the interpretation, appears. Phrases are written and the Tarot gives his advice. The Tarot Laws revealed in this book will bring an immense wealth of interpretations and a surprising precision. This method is completely dynamic, the number of cards is not defined in advance, which makes each draw unique. By practicing this method of Reading, you can check for yourself the relevance of the codes, laws and rules of interpretation that Philippe Camoin gives you here.

The contents of this book

The Secrets Codes

This book presents a system of secret codes that were totally unknown before. They bring coherence to all the arcana and allow to decode unpublished lessons. The secret codes reveal an unknown knowledge about symbolism, esotericism, the laws that govern tarot and destiny, the meaning of arcana, numerology, esoteric astrology, and ancient religions. No one will be able to claim to know the Tarot without having studied these codes.


According to Philippe Camoin, the esoteric symbolism was hidden in the original prototype of the Tarot of Marseille by initiates in the first century of our era. These initiates, in the footsteps of Hyram of Tire, perpetuated this symbolism and these teachings over the centuries in Provence. It is this original esoteric symbolism that the Tarot Secrets can find. The Tarot thus becomes the path of the pilgrim or the disciple who will go through an inner transformation in order to become master himself.

The History of the Tarot

Unpublished revelations on the history of the Tarot and on the ancient times come to bring a totally new vision on the origin of the Tarot of Marseilles and the Tarot in the West. When reading this book, it is obvious that the Tarot was already known in Provence at least before its appearance in Italy. Many pictures of ancient tarots, as well as historical references allow to modify the traditional belief on this origin. A thorough study according to three methods: that of the historian, that of the magician and that of the scientist.

The Tarot Laws

For the first time in the history of the Tarot, Philippe Camoin has highlighted a system of laws he called the Tarot Laws. These are repetitive systems that come to characterize the different types of codes. You will discover in particular the Law of the Inversion, the Law of the Ends, the Law of the Two, etc. For example, the fact that the Sword appears both in Justice and in the Wheel of Fortune or that the symbol of the house appears both in the House of God and in the Moon, all this corresponds to the Law of the Two. and this connects the two cards concerned.

The Tarot Reading

The many examples presented in this book will lead you to an extremely accurate Tarot Reading. The Tarot Reading is the essential element for a good understanding of the Arcana. It allows to verify by practice what has been learned in the theory. It opens the door to another understanding of oneself, others and the life around us.

The Camoin Method

Philippe Camoin has developed a Tarot Reading Method that allows an extremely precise interpretation. These are real sentences that are written under the eyes of the consultant and the tarologist. Thanks to this system using the Secret Codes and the Tarot Laws, it is possible to interpret a draw without having extraordinary gifts for mediumship.

The Camoin Diagram 3 x 7

This book presents the Camoin diagram 3x7. It is a combination of the arrangement of the major Arcana according to 3 ranges of 7 cards and the discovery of the Secret Codes that result from this arrangement. It is then dozens of completely unknown codes that appear and that bring totally new meanings to the major Arcana.

The Tarot Grammar

Thanks to the Tarot Secret Codes, Philippe Camoin reveals a grammar and a lexicon of the Tarot. The Tarot thus becomes a real language with its names, its verbs, its adjectives, its adverbs, its times. This grammar makes it possible to interpret the whole sentences that are written in the draws during the Tarot Reading, and thus to understand the causes, the conditions and the solutions.

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