1 normal + 1 mini TAROT DE MARSEILLE Camoin-Jodorowsky
(6, 5 x 12, 2 cm + 4,1x 7,6 cm)

35,00 €29,17 € each


TAROT DE MARSEILLE Camoin-Jodorowsky
Philippe Camoin et Alexandre Jodorowsky
standard + mini - 78 cards with booklet
(6,5 x 12,2 cm) + (4,1 x 7,6 cm)
235g + 87g
78 + 78
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Keeper of the Tarot of Marseilles Tradition for more than two centuries, the Camoin House was forced by the industrial revolution to change the colors of the Tarot. After a long research work, Philippe Camoin and Alejandro Jodorowsky have attempted to rebuild the colors and symbols of the Tarot. Some of them were incomplete or had already disappeared in the 18th century.